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Art matters. It enriches people’s lives.

At Art UK we work with the UK’s public art collections to showcase their artworks to the world. The art that we put online is for enjoyment, learning and research.

Our work includes:

  • Photographing and digitising art collections
  • Producing stimulating content to inspire discovery and learning
  • Creating opportunities for public participation both online and offline
  • Sharing the benefits of scale and technology with all public collections
  • Enriching artwork records through crowdsourcing expertise

There are already over 200,000 artworks on Art UK. The art is from museums, universities, town halls, hospitals and even a lighthouse. It is spread over 3,250 venues from the Shetland Islands to the Isles of Scilly. Much of the art isn’t usually on display in real life and a high proportion had not been photographed before we started our work in 2003.

At the moment it’s mainly oil paintings with a small and growing number of watercolours and other works on paper that partner collections have added to the site.

We will soon be adding the nation’s sculpture collection of the last thousand years. The first of some 170,000 sculptures will join the site in early 2018.

We hope you enjoy using our website and seeing the extraordinary artworks that our 3,000 participating collections wish to share with you.


Art UK is the operating name for the registered charity the Public Catalogue Foundation with charity number 1096185.