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Temporary suspension

In order to optimise the performance of Tagger and the tagging experience, we need to make some improvements to the interface. This requires investment. We are appealing to our supporters to make a donation towards Art UK to support us in this endeavour. We have temporarily suspended the Tagger site until we raise the necessary funding.

Art UK would like to thank the thousands of members of the Tagger community who have to date helped to tag the nation’s art since the site was launched in 2011. A great number of artworks have been tagged. However, there is a lot of tagging still to be done. We look forward to welcoming you back to the site with a new and improved tagging experience at the earliest possible date.


About Tagger

Tagger is a crowd-sourcing project, created in partnership with the Citizens Science Alliance team based in the Astrophysics Department at the University of Oxford, and staff at the Art History Department at the University of Glasgow.

Tagger invites the public to tag art with words – be it places, people, events or things – and also put artworks into categories, such as ‘Plants and flowers’ or ‘Military life’. The resulting tags are invaluable, as they allow visitors to Art UK to search artworks by subject matter.